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Chun Li vs. Lt. Lita Luwanda by satoopid

This is one of the more impressive amateur Street Fighter pieces I've seen. One of the reasons it stands out is the inclusion of a mino...


See you at the blog:
RXCLP: Raging Heart

Nine new pages of content have been added to the book. Go learn about it here:
RXCLP: Raging Heart

Nine new pages of content have been added to the book. Go learn about it here:
Thank you everyone for your patience and sticking with us over these last few days and helping us out as we dealt with our unexpected plagiarism problems (see previous entry). I'm pleased to announce that the images have been fixed since early yesterday on both the online version of our book and the .pdf along with a few other minor updates.

Again, we are very sorry for the unexpected trouble and a big thanks to our co-writer Aaron Pinsky for spotting these problems and everyone else who mailed in about possible offending images.  Also, we apologise if anyone's on-line reading or downloading experience was disrupted while we updated the book. The book is now clean as a whistle.

But if we may, our biggest thanks goes to chou-roninx! who did the fixes. When he heard about the unexpected plagiarism problems in our book, he wrote:

If you can't find an artist to fill in, I'd be willing to contribute. I love that you got this project to come to fruition and has definitely inspired me, so I hate to see stuff like the plagirism thing create a stumbling block for you.

Despite all that, from one fan to another, thank you for [producing this book].

Such kindness could not be ignored, so we took his offer on the spot. Chou-roninx draws a lot of superheroes, but, to us, he will always be one.

In other news, our book Street Fighter: The Heart of Battle has been shared on the Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist Facebook page. So, go on over and give it a "like". Please "like" the Ryu X Chun-Li Project Facebook page too. This recognition takes us a step closer to realising our dreams of some kind of official Ryu and Chun-Li future!

Keep sending us your comments! We are collecting all the positive ones and will be taking them with us to CAPCOM Japan along with a hard copy of our book later this year.

Keep on reading and sharing, and telling all your friends about our book!

Thank you everyone! Read the full blog entry and see the fixes below.


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Sean Anderson
Hi Ryu and Chun-Li Fans!

We are the Ryu X Chun-Li Project, a non-profit initiative to produce a tasteful Ryu/Chun-Li romantic/action novel that will finally bring the two titular characters together--a story fans have of the pairing have been wanting for nearly thirty years.

"To be honest I didn’t expect there would be much spotlight for other characters besides Ryu and Chun-Li beforehand, but having read the book I have to correct myself there: I think all parts of the fandom have been taken into account. There is something for everyone in the book. There are characters and cameos from all different games in the canon."

--Anouk Rurup on our book "Street Fighter: The Heart of Battle"…

Donate today! Here's How:…

If you'd like to know more, contact us here on deviant art or at

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